An after-school and after-care program designed to provide students with Continuum of Supports and Services throughout their mental health and socio-emotional development in all learning environments.

Real World Life Skills program for Students

An after-school community program that promotes life skills in students by enabling them to function effectively within their environment and lead healthy, meaningful, and productive lives. Successful acquisition of these skills and strategies allows students to make informed decisions, communicate effectively, and cope with the demands of daily living.

A Violence Prevention Youth Program

An after-school community program to prevent youth crime and violence by providing alternative activities for students during their out-of-school time to decrease involvement in unhealthy and high-risk activities. Unsupervised after-school hours are prime times for youth to be victims or perpetrators of crime and violence, especially when activities lead to health-compromising behaviors such as tobacco, alcohol, and drug experimentation. Student and youth violence arises from many influences, such as family and peer dynamics, school climate, community, and the broader culture. Since the causes of violent behavior are multi-faceted, strategies to address this issue must also operate on various levels of evidence-based interventions.

Spring Break Sessions

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